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Equi=Tech Corporation is the pioneer of balanced AC power.  Started in Oregon in 1992 by its President, Martin Glasband, it has grown in stature and size gaining recognition and acceptance in many high profile engineering circles and high tech industries as the leader of the balanced power revolution.

The mission of Equi=Tech Corporation is to improve the efficiency of distributed electricity and the performance of sensitive electronic loads used throughout science, industry and in the home and in so doing greatly reduce fuel consumption through pioneering and promoting Equi=Tech's patented power technology.

Gaining acceptance of this revolutionary technology in AC power has put the company to task on numerous fronts.  Perhaps the most significant of these was to ensure that balanced AC power achieved acceptance and recognition in the National Electrical Code.  Attaining this goal was crucial if the company was ever to realize fulfillment of its mission.

In November of 1993, Mr. Glasband with a few of his associates in the electrical industry drafted a proposal to amend the National Electrical Code that outlined methods and standards for the use of balanced power.  Upon presentation to the technical committees, the proposal caused considerable excitement among the NEC panel experts.  Electrical industry leaders hailed the proposal as a "simple and elegant" solution to the growing power quality concerns and electrical noise issues confronting many high-tech electronic industries.  The proposal overwhelmingly passed a vote of the committee and was adopted in the following edition of the National Electrical Code.

Equi=Tech remained largely an R&D company until 1994.  Then it entered the marketplace with some revolutionary electrical products.  Because of Mr. Glasband's background in the electrical and professional recording industries, the professional audio arena was selected as his proving grounds.  It wasn't long before Equi=Tech products received awards from many trade publications and associations in the audio, video and broadcasting industries.  Balanced power proved to be the answer to many tough technical noise issues that had plagued engineers for many decades.  Never before had engineers realized the superior level of performance from their equipment or quality in their finished products.  Indeed, Equi=Tech balanced power systems provided no small advantage, rather the improvement in signal quality in the electronics was in a word, astonishing.  Today, top studio designers rely on Equi=Tech to provide a stable, clean foundation for their clients sophisticated equipment needs.  Today, the majority of music CDs and DVDs as well as movies and television programs are produced in studios that rely on balanced AC power from Equi=Tech.

Professional engineers in diverse technical and scientific fields across the country have also discovered the technology and electrical products that Equi=Tech offers.  Including pharmaceutical manufacturing, information technology and national research laboratories, interest in balanced power has been growing throughout modern industry.  The balanced power revolution is on.  Today, Equi=Tech's turn-key systems and engineered designs can be found running facilities such as NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory and the Federal Aviation Agency's ASR-8 Air Traffic Radar Control Centers.  With an eye towards the future, Equi=Tech pushes onward, marshaling its highly refined products, its superior application experience and its resources opening new doors daily in an effort to accomplish its mission and to realize the vision of its founder and president, Martin Glasband.


When noise becomes an issue that affects system performance to the point where it is simply unacceptable, that is a problem.  However noise itself is relative and can be a problem or not in varying degrees.  When one considers noise, often there is an acceptable level that engineers and technicians regard as something normal that can be worked around. Above that level we have data, below that level, we have nothing.  Resolution is limited to that point.  Often people mistake balanced power as a "problem solver" which it is, however its potential value is far greater in terms of how it can enhance an electronic based system's accuracy, resolution, throughput, or dynamic range.  Whether the system is digital or analog based, when the normal level of noise is lowered, a significantly higher level of performance and accuracy can routinely be achived, especially with respect to original equipment specifications. 

As modern technology advances further into the realm of greater accuracy and higher resolution, the problem of high frequency ac harmonics will be a factor limiting accuracy and resolution of the most sophisticated systems and components.  Equi=Tech Corporation holds US patents for balanced power systems that are designed to have the widest bandwidth of AC noise attenuation, cancelling out high frequency noise that all other products can't, even when they are equipped with additional AC line filters. 

Today, there is no power treatment system that compares to the bandwidth and efficiency of any Equi=Tech product, even the least expensive of Equi=Tech's product line.  The precision and effectiveness of Equi=Tech's products make each of them a finely tuned noise canceling instrument without equal in the marketplace.  Equi=Tech has spent years improving the technology while others have been selling inferior products by comparison that are less efficient and lack the broad band noise attenuation every Equi=Tech system delivers.

Equi=Tech has been the industry leader from the very beginning and will continue to be the leader in the future.  As new design and manufacturing methods are developed, Equi=Tech will be further developing its technology.  Equi=Tech Corporation is thoroughly committed to refining this revolutionary new technology in AC power quality to meet the ever increasing demand of finer and finer quality electronic systems and components used in every field. 

No company is more adept than Equi=Tech is at assisting its customers and professional associates who specify balanced power products for their clients.  As "The Pioneer of Balanced Power", Equi=Tech's application experts, engineers and technicians have shouldered the burden of not only keeping their customers happy, but educating many thousands of professional engineers and end users who have called upon Equi=Tech for information and answers to a multitude of problems or design issues in a complex technical world.  Electrical and applications engineers are always welcome to call with questions or ask for assistance.  Equi=Tech has the answers.

Indeed it is a very rare occasion when technical support comes up short or misses the mark.  Balanced power technology speaks for itself in nearly every instance where it is applied.  Many conventional practices and technical solutions (e.g. Federal Publication FIPS 94 Grounding Data for Signal Reference Grids in EDP Facilities) that have attempted to explain or solve difficult and perplexing technical noise issues have been surpassed, indeed a testament to the balanced power products and the technology itself.  However, there have been times when the technical landscape has proven to be challenging.  It is impossible to anticipate every single scenario.  On rare occasions when positive results have not been spectacular and immediately forthcoming, the end user's equipment or system setup configuration (e.g. a project recording studio) has almost invariably been found to be flawed in some way which is the cause of the problem.  Technical support at Equi=Tech is committed to go the extra mile, even if a problem is not related to the Equi=Tech system itself. 

Equi=Tech's website is also an abundant source of technical papers and support documents that address a multitude of technical issues related to occasional equipment shortcomings as well as answering many questions about system integration and proper design.  Over the years, there have been very few problems that failed to resolve with Equi=Tech's technical expertise.  Out of the many thousands of applications where Equi=Tech balanced power systems have been used, only a fraction of one percent have had problems that stumped the experts and even then, usually only due to the lack of adequate on-site testing means leaving dangling questions -- a work in progress..

The technical support for Equi=Tech customers, specifying engineers and installers is unsurpassed in the industry.  Equi=Tech's support staff is well trained at diagnosing, troubleshooting and fixing even the most stubborn noise issues in most every type of facility.  When one can confidently rule out power as a source of objectionable noise, many problems that seemed impossible to solve at one time often give way to the simplest test procedures.  Equi=Tech is committed to customer satisfaction.


In the workplace and also in the marketplace, there is one purpose that is truly worthwhile, one purpose upon which every conscientious person can agree -- to approach one's work with an uncompromising desire to be the best one can be and to create the very best one is capable of creating  -- to do things well with the willingness to learn how to do it better all the time.  There has hardly been a moment since the incorporation of Equi=Tech on February 14, 1992 (St. Valentine's Day) when its passion and dedication to excellence and professionalism has not prevailed within its walls.  Over time, the company has refined the technology and its products into an art.  Years of experience have provided its staff with numerous points of view and a broader understanding of better ways to achieve the company's mission objective. 

The cornerstone of the prevailing attitude at Equi=Tech is excellence and pride in the way its products are designed and manufactured.  The emphasis has always been on investing more in performance-critical components than in bells and whistles that may look appealing on a store display shelf or in a catalog but have little if any impact on the effectiveness or usefulness of the product.  Only the highest standards in components and assembly methods are used in creating excellence.  Reliability and dependability, simplicity, elegance and modest aesthetics are some of the qualities that are most highly valued.  Product specifications are the tightest in the industry.  This is why Equi=Tech's products have earned a reputation as the very best and are the most trusted by audio and video and many other professionals.  Perhaps this is why every Presidential Inauguration and Super Bowl since 1996 has been broadcasted on professional audio/video systems running on balanced AC power from Equi=Tech Corporation.

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