Sausalito, California
Make no mistake about it, The Plant is one of the worlds foremost recording studios and has been for many years.  We are proud to feature them here as one of our most noteworthy clients.  Located North of San Francisco in the quaint but very posh little town of Sausalito, California, this award winning facility has been a favorite place to record for big name artists too numerous to list.  But let's try to name some of them (in no special order)... Primus, Metallica, Crosby Stills Nash and Young, Fleetwood Mac, Prince, John Lee Hooker, Santana, Journey, Van Morrison, Sammy Hagar, Dave Matthews, Todd Rundgren, Mariah Carey, Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, Ozzy Osbourne and on the list goes.

But recording services are not all that they offer.  Since January, 2000, the Plant has been geared up for mastering services as well.  With the same expertise and experience that placed them in an elite class as a recording facility, they now bring the same level of artistry to their mastering services.  Their mastering engineers are two of the most widely respected in the business. Michael Romanowski and John Cuniberti both live on the cutting edge of music and mastering technology and have credits to show for it.  Most recently, and most popularly, the dance/hip-hop/rap genre of musicians have chosen the plant for their mixing services because of the sense of professionalism and excellence they bring to the music.

Here is some of Michael Romanowski's discography:  Too $hort, Blackalicious, Young Black Brotha Records, Michelle Diaz, Sunburn Records, Get Low Records, C-Bo, AWOL Records, Midnight Voices, Runaways UK, Ant Banks, MC Hammer, Jive Records, E-40, Mystic Journeymen, BPM Records, D-Shot, No Limit Records and Dubb Addxx.

And here is some of John Cuniberti's discography:  Ubiquity Recordings/Cubop, Nobody, New Latinaires, Babatunde Lea, Viper Squad, Dave Pike, P'taah, Snowboy, Revolution Magazine Compilations with Swayzax, Telex, Paul van Dyk, Glenn Underground, Groove Collective, Solar House, Green Velvet, Zion 1 and Baaba Maal.

The Plant mastering is equipped with all the latest digital and analog processing technology, the SADiE 24/96 editing system, large audiophile playback system and a private lounge.  The mastering suite is large and client friendly boasting beautiful architecture and lighting as well as all of the conveniences and amenities one would expect to find in a world class mastering studio.

All of the vinyl mastering is done by Charlie Watts at Mondophonix.  Charlie specializes in dance records for record companies such as City of Angels, Fragrant Music, Moonshine Music, Sunburn Records and Ubiquity Recordings.  He has a reputation for providing hot masters with great bottom end.  All of the editing, sequencing, EQ and level adjustments, if necessary, are performed on site at the Plant.  Then Charlie gets a PMCD and he cuts directly from that with outstanding results.

Plant Mastering

Console: Crookwood UK custom transfer desk.

Editing: Digital editing with the SADiE Artemis 24/96 DAW with Cedar De-noise and De-click plug-ins.

Monitors: B&W 801 Nautilus speakers powered by Krell amplification.

Converters: All A to D and D to A is provided with Prism AD/DA-2 converters.

Analog Signal Processing: Prism/Maselec MLA-2 Mastering Equalizer, Millenia TCL-2 Compressor/Limiter and Telefunken V-74 tube gain amps.

Digital Signal Processing: Weiss EQ 1 MKII 24/96 Equalizer and DS 1 MKII 24/96 Limiter.  For maximum level CDs, the TC DBMAX Broadcast Limiter is used.

Recorders: Custom ATR-102 with extended response playback head and transformerless I/O, Sony D-500 DATs, Plexor 820 CDR, Exabyte 8mm/DDP and Denon Cassette.

Formats: Analog 2-track 1/2" and 1/4", DAT, CD, DDP and Exabyte with SADiE.  Other formats available.

Room Design: Designed by Manny LaCarrubba and John Cuniberti.  Truly a world class mastering suite.  The mastering studio is large and spacious, a client friendly pleasing environment with curved walls, featuring dynamic lighting and comfortable seating.  There is also a private lounge, bathroom, outside patio and ample parking available.

Electronics: All analog and digital switching is done within the Crookwood transfer desk allowing for complete control and monitoring of the signal path.  The Prism digital converters assure total transparent conversion from one domain to another up to 192kHz.  To lower the noise floor, increase the dynamic headroom and minimize digital timing errors, an Equi=Tech Model ET12.5 W is used at The Plant for technical power.

For more information about The Plant or to set up an appointment, they can be reached by telephone at (415) 332-6100.  You can also check out their website by clicking here or you can e-mail them at

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