Frank Serafine Studios

Serafine Studios is a full featured post production sound facility serving the Television, Motion Picture and Commercial Media industries from the trendy Venice Beach district of Los Angeles California.  Specializing in themed entertainment, audio post production and music scoring, they most frequently feature ADR, foley, sound design, 5.1 surround and film mixing services for their clients.

Having been around for over 20 years, their themed entertainment clients include Disneyland, Six Flags, The Ford Motors Museum and the The Sony Interactive Museum in Beijing, China.

On the filmaking scene, some of Serafine's clients include Paramount Pictures, Disney, MGM and New Line Cinema with some memorable favorites such as Addams Family, Brainstorm, Field of Dreams, Hunt for Red October, three Star Trek movies and several Baywatch episodes on their list of film and TV credits.

Amidst the backdrop of fancy restaurants, shops, the Marina and the year-round sunny Southern California Venice Beach scene, the facility, a custom built 10,000 sq. ft. architecturally avant-garde structure stands out as an icon in its community.  Serafine Studios is conveniently located only minutes by automobile from the Los Angeles International Airport, the Hollywood metroplex and the Burbank Media District.  There is also a virtual universe of entertainment and leisure activities within a very short distance from the facility.

The Studio

The sound design, foley, ADR, editorial and music suites are equipped with sophisticated digital editing systems handling a variety of tasks including direct  access and playback of extensive libraries, unique to Serafine Studios.

Complementing these systems, a diverse assortment of analog and digital synthesizers provide a variety of sounds and textures. All sound sources from the production suites are interfaced directly to the main mix stage. The mix stage, outfitted with a custom theatrical cinema monitoring system, is configured for 7.1, 5.1 and Dolby surround printmastering.


Antares, Apple Computer, Avid
BeyerDynamic, Bitheadz
Danish Pro Audio Mics, Digidesign
Emagic, EMU Systems, Eventide
DBX, Dolby
Korg, Kurzweil
Mackie, Microsoft, Micro Lynx by Timeline,
Millennia, MOTU, Minimoog (upgraded)
Opcode, Otari 54 Premier Hybrid Console
Q up Arts, QSC Amps
Ragula Network
Soundscape, Sony, SansAmp, Smart Pro, SPL
Tannoy, Tascam

Serafine Studios -- 248 Westminster Ave. --  Venice, CA 90291 --  Ph: (310) 399-9279 -- Fax: (310) 396-0314
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