OZ Audio & Post
Photography ©1995 by Harry Butler -- Nashville, TN (615) 331-8865
World Class Hospitality Under Clean Southern Skies

Oz Audio/Post is a multi-media recording complex encompassing in-house publishing, production, artist development, full ADR and complete film post production capabilities.

Oz features the new 64 input DiskMix fully automated Otari Concept I console, 24-track analog and wired for 32-track digital, digital and analog mixdown, extensive microphone cabinet and signal processing and a 1969 Yamaha C7 eight-foot grand piano.

Ozland's 3+ acres boasts an AVA/AVP sand volleyball court built to Olympic specifications and is "complete with a lifeguard tower," environmental water sports on our adjacent West Harpeth River and excursions on the legendary Natchez Trace. It is five minutes from historical Franklin and twenty-five minutes from Music Row (Nashville.)

No wonder half of L.A. has moved here! Just close enough...just far enough away. Come play in our field of dreams!

For more information, contact Dave Arrowood at (615) 794-3900.

Photography ©1995 by Harry Butler -- Nashville, TN (615) 331-8865
Ozland Entertainment, LLC
Recording Equipment
Equi=Tech...Symmetrical Power System
Otari Concept 1 mixing console 32 channels
Otari MX 5050 1/4" Analog 2-Track
Otari MTR 90 MC II 2" Analog 24-Track
Otari CB 115 Remote Control Unit
Otari CB 113 Auto Locator
Sony CDP 261 Compact Disk Player
Panasonic SV-3900 DAT Deck
Panasonic SH-MK 390 DAT Remote Control
Tascam DA-30 MK II DAT Deck
Sony K677ES Stereo Cassette Decks
Autone 5C Super Sound Cube
Daking 52270 Tube Microphone Preamp
Yamaha NS-10M Monitors (2 pairs)
Bryston Four-way Speaker Switch Box
Keytronic Key Board E0360
Hafler Five Hundred Power Amp
Crown Macro Reference 1000 Watt Power Amp
Pioneer Spec-2 Stereo Power Amp
Korg T3 MusicWorkstation
Darwin Drum Kit - 5 pieces
Yamaha Piano C-7
Westlake Audio BBSM-10 Monitors
Effects Racks
Tape Copy Rack
Lexicon LXP-1
Lexicon LXP-5
Peavey SDR 20/20 Digital Studio Effect
Korg DRV-3000 Dual Digital Effects Processor
Ensoniq DP/4 Parallel Effects Processor
Yamaha SPX90 Digital Effects Processor
Delta Lab Acoustic Computer D1-2 Effects Processor
Eventide Modes H949 Harmonizer
BBE Sonic Maximizer 422
Drawmer DS 404 Quad-Grate
Behringer Model XR 2400 Autoquad Expander
Anthony DeMaria Labs Tube Compressor/Limiter 1000
DBX 1066 Compressor/Limiter Gates
Behringer Model MDX 1000 Autocom Compressor/Limiter
Peavey VMP2 Vacuum Tube Microphone Preamp
MidiMan Syncman Pro
Sunn Model SP 3200 Graphic Equalizers
Marshall Model 5002 Time Modulator
Aphex 10/4 Interface Mode 124A]
Alesis D4 Drum Machine
Lexicon 224X Digital Reverberator
Lexicon MRC Midi Remote Controller
Music Stands
(5) Sennheiser 421
(2) AKG-C414
(4) SM-57
(2) Audio Technica 4050
(2) Audio Technica 4051
(2) ADL Stereo Tube DI
(4) Fostex Headphones
Perfect Connection Headphone Boxes
Furman Headphone Boxes
Furman Headphone Amplifiers
Beyer Microphone Stands
AKG D112
Groove Tube Microphone
Microphone Cables
AKG Headphones
Power Strips
Power Cable
Connectors TT to XLR
Stereo half-inch connectors
Guitar Cables
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