Question:  All of the outlets on the rear panel of my Equi=Tech system are dead.  I've
tried everything I can think of and still nothing.  What is happening?  Do I need to send
my unit in for repair?

Answer:  We hope not.  In fact we are happy to inform you that you are the lucky person who has asked this very
question for the 10,000th time. Congratulations!  It is you for whom this question is being asked and answered because
we are thoroughly worn out from handling all of the email and phone traffic that deals with the very same issue.  The
odds that the solution shown below will not work for you are almost zero. 

Note: Sometimes this problem occurs right out of the box when first received.  This is usually due to some jostling and
bumping around during shipment.  The same solution applies in that situation. 

The solution to the problem rests with the GFCI device on the rear panel. 

Here is what one of these looks like:

You have probably seen one of these in your bathroom or near your patio or deck outside.

There are two buttons, red and black as shown.  One is a "test" button and one is a "reset" button. 
Someimes there are no colors such as the red and black buttons shown above but there will still be 2
buttons that are used for test and reset purposes.

Here is the tip that you didn't know about or you would probably not be looking for assistance. 

When resetting a GFCI device, it must be done under power.  That means the Equi=Tech unit is plugged
in and all of the switches and breakers on both the front and rear panels are in the "on" (up) position.  If
this is not the case, the GFCI won't reset.  GFCI's must be under power to reset. 

Try it.  There has never been a single instance where there was no power and "everything" imaginable was
attempted to fix the problem where this "tip" failed.

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