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No Power From the Outlets On the Rear Panel of an Equi=Tech Rack or Shelf Mounted Unit. (This is the #1 question that we have received over the years from people seeking technical assistance.) Question:  All of the outlets on the rear panel of my Equi=Tech system are dead.  I've tried everything I can think of and still nothing.  What is happening?  Do I need to send my unit in for repair?

Electrical and Architectural Specifications --
A complete set of engineering specifications and drawings for use in designing and planning an engineered balanced power electrical installation.  System specifiers and engineers will find this MICROSOFT WORD document a very useful cut and paste resource tool when drawing up plans and specifications for a project where balanced power is specified.  (Download approximately 184K)

2002 National Electric Code Article 647 -- The official text of Article 647 that authorizes and defines legally acceptable wiring methods for balanced power applications as of the year 2002.  This article replaces and supercedes Article 530 Part G in the 1999 National Electrical Code.  The text is written in a new NEC code format that includes references to the latest tables and sections in the 2002 Code.  The most significant difference between Article 647 and the 1999 Code version is the widening of the scope of application of balanced power to include ANY type of sensitive electronics.  Balanced power is no longer restricted to A/V equipment.  The article also includes a provision for electronic lighting fixtures such as fluorescent lights and other extreme noise-producing types of commercial lighting equipment.

1996/1999 National Electric Code Article 530 Part "G" -- Official text of the 1996/1999 NEC Article that authorized and defined required wiring methods for balanced power applications.

World Power Standards -- A comprehensive information table of power standards in foreign principalities that include voltage, frequency and common plug types used in every country.

Audio Wiring and Grounding -- A technically in depth article that explains how to optimize equipment interconnections in audio and video facilities supplied with balanced technical power. Discussion of methods used by audio engineers and technicians to route signal between balanced and unbalanced inputs and outputs under varying conditions -- suggestions for handling problems with noisy equipment.

How to Do an Audio System Noise Floor Test -- This document provides a step by step method for determining relative noise levels in a production area and comparing before and after results when either changing or adding audio equipment or changing the AC system over to balanced power.

The "Dirty Chassis" Condition -- When balanced power has been applied and all of the electronic gear is properly interconnected, sometimes there will still be objectionable noise in the grounding system. Very often, the noise is caused by one or more pieces of equipment with a dirty chassis condition. This document describes in detail how to locate the offending piece of equipment and suggests what may be done to correct the problem.

How to Double the Amount of Available Power in a Room -- This step-by-step procedure provides a simple and cost effective method of dealing with the problem of not enough available power in a room. Instead of wiring in more circuits, the power available from an pre-existing wall outlet can safely be doubled. By increasing the outlet's voltage from 120 Volts to 240 Volts, a larger Equi=Tech system with double the capacity (but still having a balanced 120-volt output) can be plugged in to the original outlet location. This document provides a step-by-step code-worthy procedure for changing the outlet's voltage -- doubling the amount of power available for equipment without running any new lines.

Installing a Technical Grounding System -- One of the most frequently asked questions is: "How do I ground the studio?" This document outlines an electrically approved and safe method that works very well with all types of A/V equipment.

Technical Power Budget -- One of the most often asked questions by the non-electrically minded is: "How much power do I need and where?" The answer depends on how big and how spread out is the facility. This technical support bulletin will help determine power requirements and assist in selecting the right system(s). This material can be applied to any facility, no matter how large or how small.

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