The Origin of Balanced Power


by Martin Glasband . BACK IN THE SPRING OF 1988, I was approached by a good friend, Rick Perrotta (founder of Matchless Amplifiers) and asked to engineer the electrical system of a new multi-million dollar studio complex that was being built in Studio City, California.  His main request was that the electrical system be designed in the quietest way possible.  …

“Lifting” the Grounding Enigma


A landmark article first published in the November, 1994 edition of Mix Magazine that represents a breakthrough in power technology as it specifically applies to the quality and accuracy of sensitive electronic equipment with respect to performance specifications. This writing offers a simple explanation for grounding noise and interference in the most sensitive of all electronic signal circuits. It further goes on to describe from a historical perspective how electrical industry standards have led to a “noise crisis” and offers an elegant, common sense solution to the problem.



For the past three years,  a quiet revolution in AC power has been  taking place in  professional  audio  and video. The Symmetrical Power System, introduced by Equi=Tech in Oregon, takes normal power supplied by the local utility and balances it, providing two 60-volt AC legs, one positive,  the other negative,  with 120 volts AC between them. Balanced AC lowers audio …

An Overview of AC Power and Noise


FOR MANY YEARS, the audio/video as well as other high-tech industries have been troubled with electrical interference. “Unclean” AC and dirty or high impedance grounding are often cited as the cause. But most of the time, theories and solutions regarding noise result in failure. Little is truly understood about noise problems and AC power. The basic study of electricity reveals …



THE TWO-PHASE SOLUTION TO A DIFFICULT PROBLEM. By Martin Glasband . OVER THE PAST 30 YEARS, the art of sound recording and production has advanced perhaps as much as any of the modern technologies. However, these advances have outdistanced electrical standards to which we have grown accustomed in the electrical power industry. . Although the consoles, transports and digital electronics …



Reprinted with permission from the July 1996 issue of EQ Magazine.(c) Copyright 1997 by Roger Nichols. All rights reserved..EQ Magazine — July, 1996. By Roger Nichols Spike, noise, surge, swell, transients, harmonics and sag are not the names of members of a new alternative rock group; they are characteristic problems encountered in power management. AC power is often the most …



RETHINKING STUDIO ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS. By Martin Glasband . “WE’VE ALREADY ADDRESSED THE PROBLEMS peculiar to hospitals and their sensitive equipment. I guess it’s about time we turned our attention to addressing the problems in recording studios,” said one highly placed electrical inspector. . “Intriguing,” said another inspector. . “This is so simple!” laughed one elated audio engineer. “Why didn’t anyone …

Balanced Power: The Next Generation


by Martin Glasband Not long ago at a Fog Hat concert in Portland, Oregon, a engineer from a well known console manufacturer commented to the engineer in a remote recording truck that this was absolutely the quietest installation of this console he had ever seen in all of his years with the company.  But an even greater surprise was in …

Balanced Power from Equi=Tech A Revolutionary Concept and Newly Adopted Standard in Power


A Revolutionary Concept and Newly Adopted Standard in AC Power Distibution. An article published on the subject of balanced power by Equi=Tech’s founder and President, Martin Glasband. This one is written especially for the layman who may not be familiar with much engineering terminology. Published in the August, 2001 issue of Wide Screen Review magazine, this paper provides the reader with the simplest explanation of balanced power technology that we know of.

California Institute of Technology Ligo Observatory Field Test

wall unit interior

As Balanced Power moves beyond the world of professional audio and video production, various other high tech industries where power quality is of extreme importance have reported their findings with clinical testing of Equi=Tech’s balanced power products in various venues where they’ve been applied. This is a report from one of the top scientific research facilities in the country.