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The mission of Equi=Tech Corporation is to improve the efficiency of distributed electricity and the performance of sensitive electronic loads used throughout science, industry and in the home and in so doing greatly reduce fuel consumption through pioneering and promoting Equi=Tech’s patented power technology.

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Who Uses EQUI=TECH Products?

Top Products

Wall Cabinet

Award winning Equi=Tech Wall Cabinet Systems are factory preassembled power distribution centers for hard wiring balanced AC power into a facility – a complete balanced power distribution system built into a wall cabinet.

Rack and Shelf Balanced Power Systems

Sometimes it takes a special system design to accomodate our customers’ needs.  For example, remote recording and sound reinforcement trucks have limited space available and require more flexibility for hooking up to remote power sources.

Isolation Transformers

Every transformer is tested well beyond its UL/CSA/CE listing requirements to insure many years of reliable service.  And, only Equi=Tech backs every system it sells with comprehensive technical support to insure the best results in any application. 


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